A journey discovering the last african nomads

A journey discovering the last african nomads



[Based on Bored Panda]

Mario Gerth. Photojournalist. Documentary Photographer. Traveler.

Arbore Tribe, Ethiopia

Photography brought the german photographer in civil war, poverty, dictatorship and violence scenario, but even in breathtaking landscapes. A witness of terror, but more often of our planet’s graceful beauty. Four years spent traveling around the world, forty thousand kilometers on a bike, to come back, at the end, in the continent where he left his heart, Africa.

A return whose main aim became to photograph the massive nature of the continent and the people who live there. A journey of thousands miles through Africa, by feet, boat and jeep, in every direction, sometimes alone, and other times with friends in search of all that is about Africa and this world.

A homage to Africa and its people. A collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of a great continent breathing the diversity and naturalness that is missing in the (Western) uniform and ordered society.

All images are property of © Mario Gerth

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