The rhythm of photography

The rhythm of photography

Hi Alessandro. Let’s start with a brief presentation.

Alessandro, 34 years old, I have always lived in Rome and I work for the railway. I love music, playing in my band, cinema, travel and photography.

How did you come to photography and what does it mean to you?

I started maybe out of curiosity or by accident, or maybe for necessity… I don’t know. I don’t speak much and maybe my photos do it for me.

Your photos often show scenes of everyday life, strangers captured in their habitual gestures. Is there an element that distinguishes your style of photography?

The guiding principle is the normality of the unknown: the wait for a bus or a green traffic light, the reading of a book, speaking on the phone or drinking a coffee. These are the stories that I prefer to tell.

At this point we would like you to show us a photo that best represents you and describe it to us.

Maybe this one. it’s not perfect but it fully expresses – at least for me – the beauty, the mystery, the contrasts and the spirituality of Japan. It’s of one of the temples along the rise of Fushimi Inari. I noticed the rays of light that filtered through the dark brilliantly illuminating the hanging red textiles and then the stone fox and the praying figure with his back to the camera. I realized that it was the perfect moment and took the shot instinctively. I believe I took the photo without even looking through the view finder and without worrying too much about the camera setup.

As you have already suggested, there are at least two more great interests in your life: travel and music. How much influence do they have on the way you shoot?

In order to answer this question I will quote Rodney Smith: “I think composition in photography is very similar to rhythm in music. If you have great rhythm you have great compositional sense”.
I want to make it clear, I don’t presume to have great rhythm nor to have his sense of composition, but I can’t find better words to express how music influences my photos. The same goes for travel: changing place imposes a change in style, a bit like changing from one musical genre to another.

To conclude, try to explain the reasons why someone should approach photography and why they should stay away from it.

I think that photography is for all those that are even minimally curious and that it has the power to interest even those that are in no way curious. I don’t know any reasons to keep photography out of our lives.

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