Appearance can be deceptive

Appearance can be deceptive


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Skin. The wider organ of our body. Ever changing canvas. The british photographer Alan Powdrill decided to pay homage to those who see it as a frame to fulfill with ink at their own will.


COVERED is the name of the developed project, in which he represents people who decided to cover themselves with tattoos. Every subject is revealed in two pictures, one dressed and the other “tattoo-dressed”, together painting a contradictory but never inconsistent portrait of a person and his story.


Alan Powdrill doesn’t have tattoos (yet), but admits feeling deeply fascinated by body art, so as by everything unknown, rebel and daring. Alan also noticed that in the recent years tattoos moved from the realm of the outsiders and outcast to the bodies of one third of the british citizens.


Although, what mainly astonished the photographer, working with real tattoo lovers, are the economical and physical sacrifices that every single subject encountered in order to have the dream artwork on their skin. Hours of pain and bunch of money spent in the creation of a piece of art, and all of them are firmly convinced that the pain was worth the gain.


Every tattoo tells a life story. And every story evolves with its own tattoo. This is what the photographer tried to show with his photographs, demonstrating that those traits and colors imprinted on skin are part of who wears them. Not just physically talking.

All images property of © Alan Powdrill

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