Architectures at the edge of reality, the photographic collages by Matthias Jung

Architectures at the edge of reality – The photographic collages by Matthias Jung




[Based on Ignant]

Creativity. Unique tool to break mind’s frontiers. Matthias Jung pushes himself beyond the limits of imagination with his series of absurde architectural collages called “Houses”. The german designer uses original shots, merging landscapes’ fragments of his land with buildings, in order to create surreal imagery. Every manipulation obscures further our perception of perspective, landscape and the structures that surround us.

Collages are quite familiar to Jung. Scissors and glue handy, Matthias grew his interest toward this kind of art since he was a child in his father’s laboratory, that he defines as a place where “the first fantastic buildings were created”. Once digital practices came in the field, Jung’s work has grown, astonishing witnesses worldwide and encouraging them to reinvent what’s surrounding them.

All images are property of © Matthias Jung

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