Benjamin Henon’s “food” is going to make your mouth water

Benjamin Henon’s “food” is going to make your mouth water




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Chefs love to talk about the importance of presentation – that, actually, is the reason why this series about “Food Photography” composed by inedible objects is so fun. Appearance is really relevant in a dish, even when “food” isn’t really food at all.

What about having lunch with artist Benjamin Henon and stylist Valentine Mazel? In the series they created you will be taken to a world where daily objects become delicious food. These two creatives recreated common and tasty dishes such as spaghetti or eggs, even though nobody tried yet to taste them: a sponge becomes an elegant-looking dessert, a shoelace looks like a perfectly al dente plate of pasta, sand is shaped into a Bundt cake.

The project is probably focused mostly on creating fun illusions, rather than on providing a larger (and maybe critique) vision over the simple aesthetics of what we eat. Although, there is something intriguing about seeing a hot dog made out of a balloon during the same week that the WHO warned that eating such processed meats can cause cancer.

But that’s the great thing about art: it can work on several levels. Now who’s hungry for some shoelaces?

Take a look at Benjamin Henon’s official website too, where you can find his awesome photographic works.

All images are property of © Benjamin Henon

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