First news from Whoosnap: Personal Profile

First news from Whoosnap: Personal Profile

As promised, here we are to give a look at the first news that await you in the super new version of Whoosnap. Ready?

You dream to see your photo or video in the next advertising campaign of your favourite brand? Great, because with Whoosnap you now have the chance to make this dream come true, but it’s up to you to realize it! No, it’s not the usual sentence to get your attention. In fact, your Personal Profile will be your showcase to show your work and increase your chances of earning.


A Personal Profile to show your best snaps, your most interesting videos and the most attractive portfolio. All this will allow you to create your space to show to the entire Community, but mostly to Brands, Companies and Communication agencies your best creations. An occasion to get known. An occasion to earn.


Moreover now on you can decide to tell yourself in the new “Bio” section, telling about your passions, the genre you prefer and the photographers and videographers that have mostly inspired you.


It is time to give space to your creativity!


So, what do you think about it? Your opinion is important, let us know what you think on our Social Profiles or writing at!

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