Little details of a photography to eat with your eyes

Little details of a photography to eat with your eyes

Hi Chiara, thanks for accepting to be interviewed. Do you want to introduce yourself and tell us something about you?

I am Chiara, I’m 26 and was born and raised in Milan. I have just completed my studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and am currently looking for work. I have many passions, I love cinema, music, travels (especially in “non-touristic” places), nature. But my biggest passions are photography and cooking.

The first thing that leaps out is the delicacy of your photos, whether for the editing you choose or the objects that recall a certain heat – mostly flowers and food. How does a well-defined style of photography arise? 

To me it is absolutely essential to observe. We are surrounded by images, we live in close contact with technology. You just need to open the various socials to find any type of photography, so that we no longer stop looking at them, as well as we have lost the taste of observing what surrounds us. I think I’m lucky to be a careful observer, both as regards the photos of others, and because I generally love to look around me every day. For me the real secret is to observe everything, but really everything: a flower, an animal, a boulevard, a reflection on the surface of a puddle, a person’s smile, his wrinkles or the frost on a cake. Everything has its own “poetic” side and photographing I always try to exalt this element, obviously by helping me with the editing. Flowers and food are the subjects I portray the most because I consider them among the most photogenic and reassuring elements overall.

You also have a blog in which your passion for cooking is clear. Was this one or the photography one born before? Could you better explain which is your creative process? 

Surely the passion for cooking was born first; I cook ever since I can remember, I have wonderful memories of afternoons spent with mom making cakes. Then the passion grew more and more over the years, I started experimenting and personalizing recipes, until I felt the need to share them by opening, indeed, my blog “Malibu for Breakfast”, which later became my username on social networks.
Instead, my passion for photography was born more or less at the age of 12, when my father bought his first reflex, whereas before I had fun shooting occasionally with my mother’s analog camera or with the disposable ones. That reflex became my Linus blanket, though at first, the photos I took were a disaster. In those years I also started using Photoshop, more for fun than other. The passions for photography and cooking united when I started to publish my photos on Instagram: I love the idea that through a photo, ideally, we can convey the taste and essence of a dish.

To that end, as we always do, we ask you to show us a photo you are particularly fond of. 

With no doubts this is the photo I prefer overall, I know it’s a cliché and it’s in every wedding photoshoot, but it means a lot for me and looking at it I go back to that day, I almost feel the emotion of the bride again.

Do you take photos with reflex or smartphone? Anyway, are there things to keep in mind when approaching food photography? 

I take photos almost exclusively with my reflex, except when I don’t bring it with me: in that case the smartphone is my salvation. As for food photography, the quality of the photo counts a lot and the details make the difference: glossy chocolate, dusted sugar, smoke coming out of a cup of tea. Another important thing is the lights, which are the details’ best friends: they highlight every particular of the subject and colors are more vivid.
The best light is natural, but absolutely not with direct sunlight on the subject. Plus, I also use light diffusers that allow me to shoot in the absence of natural light. The set counts a lot to give the photo the style we prefer: using a spoiled wood table, antique cutlery and rises, for example, we will get a perfect rustic photo. I can assure you that by taking photos, exercising and improvising you always find your own style.

In conclusion, list three things that are a source of inspiration for you. 

Nature in the first place, it’s really something magical and which never ceases to fascinate me. Then surely the painting, as I always try to give an almost pictorial cut and style to my photos. Finally I’m very inspired by cinema. At the Academy I was enrolled in the New Art Technologies course so I’ve studied cinema and everything that hides behind this world: lights, cuts, plans, fields, colors. It’s something magical and artistic at the same time for me: a pure source of inspiration.

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