Macro Photography and astonishing animals’ eyes

Macro Photography and astonishing animals’ eyes




[Based on Bored Panda]

A simple and sure way to make somebody happy is compliment their eyes, but have you ever paid great attention to the animals’ eyes?

Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan created an intriguing project, excusively composed by extreme close-ups, called “Animal Eyes”. A truly eye-opening experience, literally. His pictures reveal those vibrant colours and intricated details able to astonish everybody, and seeing something hidden from the naked eye is always fascinating.

His project “Animal Eyes” is just one among many of his astonishing works. Suren also studied the human gaze in his series called “Your Beautiful Eyes”. He is a complete artist that doesn’t focus just on photography. Suren is, in fact, also keen on sciences, physics and astronomy, and plays five musical instruments!

All images are property of © Suren Manvelyan

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