“My style? It’s called sensation.” An interview with the italian Instagramer Isamuko

“My style? It’s called sensation.”
An interview with the italian Instagramer Isamuko


We met Isabella Talone, a.k.a. Isamuko, and asked her a few questions. Snaps in the eternal city and has fiftyone thousand followers on Instagram, to whom delivers those scenarios that visually affect her. We introduced her to Whoosnap, where she registered.

Why did you get into Mobile Photography?
By chance. Actually I began by chance. I started posting my photos just for fun and I noticed that people loved it. I began training my eye, understanding what I really wanted to shoot and I started creating pictures with a meaning… creating “a style”. But it all started as a game.


Everybody can become a good photographer?
I don’t know. I suppose everybody can sharpen his eye, create a style, trying and refine the composition, but being a great photographer is a profession. There are people who actually prepare themselves in order to become it and I don’t think that all the Mobile Photography lovers are photographers.


There can be a good “taste”, then, but professional photography is a whole different thing.
Exactly. Me, for example, I wouldn’t call me a photographer. I just like capturing moments, telling short stories inside a frame, but real photography is a whole different thing.


How do you feel different from a professional photographer?
I feel completely different. I do not own technique, I know nothing about lighting adjustments, exposure, cropping pictures… I snap by sensation, my photography should give to the spectator the same sensation I felt in the moment I shot. I am impulsive, I do not stop and consider a lot of things professional photographers do.


Point-blank: pros and cons of posting your photos on social medias.
A positive thing is consensus. I mean, I appreciate the fact that people understand the experience behind the photos. A negative one for me is that many people want to know more about my life. I am a very reserved person and this annoys me a bit. But I know it’s part of the game and it’s not the end of the world.


Main trends in Mobile Photography?
Hashtag talking? Surely #Food, #travel, #lifestyle, #streetphotography.

You got a great feedback and now you have a huge following. What are the main reasons in your opinion?
Because I catch moments of real life. And then because Rome helps a lot.


What are the potentialities of an App like Whoosnap?
Many, moreover if you think at the increasing value of Mobile Photography. Finally photos can be paid and not freely taken from everybody. Also taking in consideration that real time answer to a request it’s a great opportunity for medias.

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