New York City seen with a smartphone

New York City seen with a smartphone




[Based on The Phoblographer]

Roy Savoy, born and raised in New York City, still keeps on being fascinated by the Big Apple’s energy. He is one of those photographers who developed this incredible sensibility for years without ever touching a camera to express his skills. He started shooting every single architectural thing around the city with his first smartphone. Then he continued with people and urban scenes too.

His inspiration comes from the first great photographers in history and his passion is leaded by the black and white simplicity rather than colors.


Since childhood Roy has always been fascinated by photography, especially black and white one, and by those peculiar photojournalism shots that you would expect to see in a magazine like Time or Life, on New York Times or in encyclopedias.

His photography career started thanks to his friends. In facts, whenever they hung out, Roy used to impress everybody always finding the perfect frame to shoot. That’s why, seeing his talent, his friends convinced him to apply himself as a street photographer. The Mobile Photography’s advent and the Social Networks’ power helped him spreading his photographies.

Without having studied about composition or editing, he focused mainly on New York City’s architectures at the begin of his photographic adventure.

Roy started this way, capturing the cityscape.. But it’s after a couple of months that he decided to experience something more challenging: embodying people and architecture together in a Street Photography style.

At a later time, he decided to take some time in order to study Photography, and he found his inspiration source in some of amazing legends’ works.

After months spent studying the art of Photography, Roy started capturing situations or people whose aspect caught most his attention. It’s in that moment that he realised he was actually able to eternalize unique moments, the same moments he used to see in the photojournalism magazine of his youth. That is how he became a fully-fledged famous photoreporter.

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