News after news: Flash and Challenge Requests

News after news: Flash and Challenge Requests

Let’s welcome to the Whoosnap Family two new kind of requests, completely redefined and customised: Flash and Challenge.


In the Flash Requests you will find yourself facing real-reporter-missions, localized around you. So get ready: every event or place of interest near you could be the Flash Request’s target of the moment. Speed is the password. Indeed, you are going to receive requests from newspapers, television broadcasters and many others, but you will have a maximum of 24 hours of time! In short, if it had not been clear enough, it’s important to catch the moment and be fast. *As quick as a Flash*


Things get harder in the Challenge Requests. Here, in fact, you will have the chance to sell your photos and videos to communication agencies, companies and brands, for advertising campaigns, websites and many more. Your creativity will be put to test in every genre. You will give yourself a challenge with concert photos, gourmet food, videos into the wild or again reportage shots. Who knows what you will find in the requests from our great brands! This time speed is not the key, instead the creativity and the ability to understand at best the specific request will make the difference.


Any doubt? No problem, you can check the sample videos and photos, in order to clear every possible perplexity and to create your personal masterpiece. Be careful though, the applicant will have the possibility to select the necessary users’ level for the request. Hope we don’t need to say that higher the level, more request you are going to receive (and more chances you get to earn money!).


What do you think? How do you like these news?


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