Seven days of requests: discover them all

Seven days of requests: discover them all

If you’ve lost the last Challenges on Whoosnap, it’s time to discover the new ones! Don’t miss the chance and show us your best contents.

I Saw The Light

 A street at dawn or a face illuminated by the sun. The light is the main theme of this Challenge.

Portrait Video

A dog who shakes after a bath or two friends who burst into a laughter. Put yourself to the test with the video portraits and show us your favourite subjects.

Comfort Food

How many times have we been consoled by food? Show us your comfort food through photos and videos.


Changing perspective is good sometimes, and this time we want you to measure with the fisheye.


Peter Pan called “Neverland” the place to seek refuge. Accompany us in your paradise corner trough photos and videos.

Stride By

 Immortalize people walking and take part to this Challenge.

Herbal Tea

Imagine a steaming cup in a cold day or a tisane before going to bed. The brews are the protagonists of this Challenge.


The forest is a world full of surprises, up to you to reveal us them through your photos and videos.

Are you ready for the next Challenges? Be the new talents on Whoosnap and earn money with your photos and videos.

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