Take a walk in London with Craig Reilly

Take a walk in London with Craig Reilly

Craig Reilly is a photographer. London is his home. His camera is his soul. 

East Dulwich, precisely. This is the place where the london based photographer settled down. A neighbourhood that represent an integral part of one of the most multiethnic and diversified cities in the world, London. England’s capital and attraction for many tourists, in this city Craig found something to sink his teeth into.

Fascinated by the thousands of ways in which people interact with each other and with their surroundings, Street Photography could be nothing but his genre, a kind of natural habitat where he can express his own creative passion. Passion that led him to create a photographic project entirely dedicated to London, and to the people who live it. A photographic work where people and their surrounding become one, and daily life moments become eternal.

“London”, a unique series, for a unique city. Craig, anyway, worked at many other interesting projects too, among which we can find a homage to Barcelona, to Street Photography and to many other genres. The londoner photographer, indeed, doesn’t limit himself to one genre. Portraiture, Street, Urban Landscapes Photography are his shots’ genres, influenced by some of the great masters of photography as Henri-Cartier Bresson, Richard Avedon and René Burri. His ispiration, by the way, can also be found in contemporary photographers just like Thomas Leuthard, Matt Stuart and Marius Vieth.

Discover many others interesting photographic projects on Craig Reilly’s official website. You won’t be disappointed.

All images are property of © Craig Reilly

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