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The week on Whoosnap - Whoosnap

The week on Whoosnap

The week on Whoosnap

Summer has come, with its colors and fragrances. There’s the carefreeness of the days spent at the sea, the heat of the sand under our feet, the smell that the salt leaves on the skin. There’s the sunset that burns the water with glowing colors when the sun begins to fall, while someone linger on the beach to don’t let go none of those moments. And then there are those who look for shelter from the heat, taking refuge in the mountains, the fresh air that crosses the woods, the clear quiet of a lake. This is the Whoosnap’s summer, come and discover it on the blog!

Summertime – Ph. by @Carrob
Summertime – Ph. by @clo_mencarelli
Summertime – Ph. by @linusottocoperta
Summertime – Ph. by @willymona
Portrait Photography – Ph. by @Gnesa_
Portrait Photography – Ph. by @SimonaBertolotto
One Color – Ph. by @Boris79
One Color – Ph. by @giulianerbano
One Color – Ph. by @maretico
Reflections – Ph. by @FabioF01
Reflections – Ph. by @federico_photo
Reflections – Ph. by @SerenaLaSpada
Reflections – Ph. by @enza_di

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