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The week on Whoosnap - Whoosnap

The week on Whoosnap

The week on Whoosnap

Which is your inspiration reason? A movie that impressed you, a song you can’t get out of your head, a breathtaking view or an important person in your life?
There are a billion reasons which feed the creative thought and Whoosnap has put together some of them in a photo collection. Give a look at the gallery of the week.

Technologic – Ph. by @MalibuForBreakfast
Light and Shadow – Ph. by @athejimenezhernandez
Urban Jungle – Ph. by @lucacazzaniga
My Best Editing – Ph. by @margyarena
Light and Shadow – Ph. by @aleantani
My Best Editing – Ph. by @fulviobarbaro
Four elements: Water – Ph. by @peppemaisto
Urban Jungle – Ph. by @ilariamarino
Yellow – Ph. by @sethiprime
Four elements: Water – Ph. by @davidefinocchi
Yellow – Ph. by @nunziabove
Still Life – Ph. by @JosephineCaruso
Yellow – Ph. by @camillazaccheo

Did you miss the last gallery? Give a look to this one and answer to the requests on our app. The next talent on the blog could be you!