Unveiling the dark side of Shanghai’s urbanization

Unveiling the dark side of Shanghai’s urbanization



[Adapted from FeatureShoot]

The most populated metropolis on Earth has a ghost. It feels like Shanghai has been frozen in time for decades, and then, from one day to another, a modernization rush came through by the booming Chinese metropolis Beijing. Attempting to recuperate the lost time, entire neighbourhoods have been demolished, throwing thousands of citizens in the streets and suddenly erasing a huge part of the old city.

Greg Girard, canadian photographer who was living in Shanghai in that period of change, decided to document the transformation happening in front of his own eyes: two sides of the same city trying to occupy the same space.

“Phantom Shanghai” is Greg Girard’s series, which tells a moment of deep change of Shanghai’s city. Long exposures in the early evening got exploited from the canadian photographer in order to shoot the abandoned houses and the piles of demolished buildings with futuristic skylines as backdrop. A peculiar feature can be seen in some shots, houses’ mailboxes built for single families, houses in which about twenty people live now.

Warm lights glow through the doors and windows’ houses of those who refused to move, despite the crumbling landscape that surrounds them. Like a ghost from the past who refuses to go away, Shanghai’s old city lingers in the shadows of the new and bright vision of the future.

All images are property of © Greg Girard

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