Whooscoop: the spontaneous upload

Whooscoop: the spontaneous upload

What if we told you that there’s one more news ready for you in the new version of Whoosnap?


You got it, there is a new surprise for you! But before let’s recap: we told you that, in this new version of the App, you are able to create your own Personal Portfolio, a real showcase for your contents, through which you will demonstrate your talent as a Photographer and Videomaker; we also revealed you that you are going to face two brand new requests, Flash and Challenge, where you will prove your abilities in order to earn money from your best photos and videos. But hey hey hey, news are still to come!


In this new version of Whoosnap, that you can finally find in the Stores, you are in fact able to spontaneously upload content, wherever you are and whenever you get inspired.


The Spontaneous Upload helps you to let know your content and your style, becoming a real Reporter shooting and recording every event in real time. This way you will increase your reputation inside the community, and the chances of sale, moreover for newspapers, television broadcasting companies and whoever in need of real time contents.


Are you ready to earn money?

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