Whooscoop: videos become the protagonists

Whoosnap’s new version finally enable users to record real-time videos. Your creativity has no boundaries anymore, and videos will test your talent every day: they will challenge you to become videographers or video-reporters; they will let you see the world through another perspective; they will encourage you to be always ready to capture it.


A further chance to enhance your personal portfolio and to increase your possibilities to earn! You can tell stories, film every day scenes, capture events around you, any time. Answering requests will never be the same. Real-time videos are now your best allies in increasing your chances to gain money. You have the possibility to see your content in promotional campaigns, in major TV broadcasts or to sell them to the most important communication agencies.



Therefore, you will need two things from now on: speed and a smartphone handy. Get prepared and start training, Whoosnap has arrived!

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