Whoosnap, get money shooting with your smartphone

Do you want to make money just by shooting with your smartphone? Whoosnap is the App for you.

Whoosnap is a service that enables users to gain money from their own shots and to ask for real time photos of a certain place or event of interest worldwide.


Discover all the active requests, shoot now or upload from your personal gallery.


Start now

– Every user can make a request. Just enter a place, a description of the desired photos and establish a money reward for those who will respond with their shots.
– Geolocated Whoosnappers in the selected location receive a notification and they can immediately shoot or upload a photo form their smartphone gallery.
– When the photo gets chosen Whoosnap transfers the reward from the applicant to the author of the shot.


– Every time your photo gets chosen, you receive the amount (in Euro) offered by the applicant for whom you shot.


– Beyond shooting and requesting photos, you can interact with other members of the community. You can comment on every photo, leaving a personal feedback or some useful tips for your friends, and you can share the shots and the requests you love on Facebook and Instagram directly from the App.


Whoosnap lets you choose three kind of requests:
– Local: they are free for the first 24 hours. If you want your request to last longer, you can decide to increase the duration by paying an extra charge.
– National: They have an established price of € 20,00 and, also in this case, the cost depends on the selected days.
– Highlights: the major requests published on the main App’s screen in order to get higher visibility.

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