Whoosnap, the new version is coming

Whoosnap, the new version is coming

Whoosnap, the new version is coming

After the success of the first version, Whoosnap, the App to ask real time photos and gain from your own shots, is preparing for the launch of a new version for iOS and Android platforms, with many new functionalities and graphically revolutionized.


The first and most important thing to do is to thank all the faithful Whoosnappers’ community. Thanks to their precious feedbacks we had the possibility to develop these innovations.

Let’s get to the heart of the story.


The first news is about contents: beyond photos, videos are making their appearance on Whoosnap too. Single users or companies are going to enjoy, then, also real time emotion of sounds and movement in the places and events of interest.


Users are going to have new chances to gain from their own contents: not only answering to requests, but also spontaneously creating new contents, in order to tell with photos and videos their most interesting stories and sell them directly to newspapers and great brands. All through Whoosnap’s marketplace.


Whoosnap, the showcase for your creativity!

The new version is going to be more social than ever indeed.


Everyone is having the possibility to follow his/her favourite Whoosnappers and to receive constant updating about their photos and videos.


In short, after building a community of more than 150.000 users and receiving more than 250.000 contents in a few months, Whoosnap is preparing to a new born with an App rich of new opportunities for its users. And not only…


Hey, wait! These are just some of the news awaiting for you in the new version.


Stay tuned, some fantastic news are coming!

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