X-Ray flowers. The vintage shots by Dain Tasker

X-Ray flowers. The vintage shots by Dain Tasker




[Based on Colossal]

Anytime we decide to buy flowers, we often are attracted at first by their vibrant colors, eager to choose a bright orange lily or a deep red rose. Doctor Dain L. Tasker, an early twentieth century radiologist, has been attracted by a different aspect of flowers: their anatomy.

Using X-Ray film to highlight the soft layering of petals and leaves, Tasker produced ghostly images devoided of color, which looked pretty much like ink drawings rather than photographies.


Born in 1872, Beloit, Wisconsin, Tasker was chief radiologist in the Wilshire Hospital of Los Angeles when radiology was in its first stages of exploration.

In the Twenties he started getting interested in photography, focusing his passion towards landscapes and portraits. In the Thirties he moved his photographic interests inside the X-Ray machine taking flowers away from landscapes already shot in the past.

Composing images with single flowers, Tasker examinated their individual qualities rather than focusing on how they would have looked like into the wild or in a bouquet. These minimalistic compositions contain a romantic admiration for the chosen subjects.

“Flowers are the plants’ love life expression”

Dain L. Tasker

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